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What is performance improvement? It's about cost effective ways of getting positive results. It's about making an investment that can bring your organization over a 500% ROI. It's about making sure what you planned to happen does, in fact, happen. How?


Does the following scenario sound familiar? Association XYZ hires a consultant to facilitate a long range planning session. The Board develops a mission statement, goals, and objectives. Two weeks later, the consultant is long gone and the staff and leadership team are left alone to figure out what actually needs to be done! A year later, the board meets again and the plan is revisited. Some Board members review the document as if they're seeing it for the first time. The board engages in some fine tuning but basically the plan --and the outcome remain unchanged.


OPIS is committed to NOT engage in that process. Oh, we are all for strategic planning, but we believe that organizations that meet once a year to plan are no better off than those that do not plan at all.


Successful organizations have clearly stated, measurable objectives. Moreover, they have spelled out what staff and volunteers need to do to accomplish those objectives. And, they have removed policies and practices that block success. Finally, they have implemented an ongoing evaluation plan to improve performance during the year and evaluate success at the end of the year.


OPIS believes in implementing a systematic data-driven process. Therefore, we are not a hit-and-run firm. Rather, we work with clients to develop a system to meet clients' needs and we share in their accountability for success. We work with organizations in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational and program evaluation
  • Staff and volunteer performance assessment
  • Staff and volunteer training
  • Leadership training
  • Team building



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