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Does the following scenario sound familiar? Association XYZ hires a consultant to facilitate a long range planning session. The Board develops a mission statement, goals, and objectives. Two weeks later, the consultant is long gone and the staff and leadership team are left alone to figure out what actually needs to be done! A year later, the board meets again and the plan is revisited. Some Board members review the document as if they're seeing it for the first time. The board engages in some fine-tuning but basically the plan --and the outcome-- remains unchanged.

OPIS is committed to NOT engage in that process. Oh, we are all for strategic planning, but we believe that organizations that meet once a year to plan are no better off than those that do not plan at all.

Many organizations develop strategic plans. Far fewer successfully implement them. The problem with execution often lies with the absence of a systematic, logical connection between outcomes, performance, and structure. Many organizations have some of the parts of strategic planning – however, they have not properly assembled those parts. We might go to Home Depot and purchase a barbecue grill. However, until we remove the parts from the box and properly assemble them, we have nothing that is functional. In a like manner, many organizations have parts: a mission statement, some goals – and at times, objectives, as well as many products and services. The problem is that these parts are not often assembled in a manner that allows them to work together. There is a better way. Our approach is depicted in a graphic on the next page.


We propose using a modified balanced scorecard approach to assist the organization in developing its strategic plan. Our method is designed to enable an organization to align people, programs, and structure to achieve its mission and vision. This approach allows for a logical connection between the organization’s mission, the goals it seeks to attain, and the activities it carries out. Moreover, this interconnection does not just exist at the top layer of the organization, but transcends all levels so that every person involved understands how his or her performance contributes to the organization’s mission. We have successfully used this systems approach with scores of clients. Our approach would include the following steps:

1. Identify Critical Issues and Trends via interviews with your key leaders:

2. Clarify Mission Statement:

3. Develop SMART Objectives:

4. Development of Strategies to meet board objectives:

5. Development of Budgets that incorporate selected strategies:

6. Review/Modify Plan:

7. Devise a system to make strategic planning an on-going activity of the board.

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