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Outcomes, Performance, Structure (OPS)

Three Keys to Organizational Excellence

Michael E. Gallery, Ph.D., CAE, FASAE and Stephen C. Carey, Ph.D., CAE, FASAE

The purpose of this book is to help you put already-existing performance criteria in a context of your organizational system and assist you in using the criteria to assess problems in your organization. More importantly, this book will help you in designing systemic solutions to the systemic problems you have identified with easy-to-use samples and questions that draw out key areas where the organization needs to improve. Most organizations are not lacking in information; what is most often lacking is a framework that leaders can use to organize and make sense of the information they have. The authors provide such a framework through OPS. They will also help readers engage in “backwards thinking” to identify—and fix—real-world problems with practical solutions.

This book is not an “answer book” in the sense that we present a series of common problems and the accompanying answers. To be sure, many such books exist—such as 101 Ideas for (fill in the blank). Most of these answers are based on someone’s recollection of what they did to solve a problem. The results of the solution, measurable gains, are seldom if ever reported. This book provides a system for discovering your own problems, developing solutions, evaluating success, and gathering information that will help to improve solutions should they fail on the first attempt. It is based upon more than 30 years of research within the discipline of human performance improvement.

About the Authors: Michael E. Gallery, PhD, FASAE, CAE is president of Organizational Performance Improvement Systems (OPIS, LLC), an association management consultant and contractor organization. Previously he was COO at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). During his career, he has authored more than 50 books, magazine, and journal articles; served on three different journal editorial boards; served on several boards of directors including the board of the Center for Association Leadership; served on the CAE Commission and is a past chair; presented at over 60 national and international meeting; was selected as an ASAE Fellow in 1999; awarded the Association Executive Excellence Award by the Texas Society of Association Executives; and awarded an honorary membership in ACEP --the highest award given to a non-physician. He holds a PhD in Performance Improvement from Utah State University, and was the chair  of 7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don’t (American Management Press, 2006).

Stephen C. Carey, PhD, FASAE, CAE is President and Chief Executive Officer of AMMR Association Management Consulting (AMMR), founded in July 1995. AMMR consults in the key functional areas of strategic planning and research, organizational development, governance, management and leadership. Dr. Carey specializes in strategic planning and administrative management operations. He is a Fellow of ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership Charter Class (FASAE), and is considered to be one of the industry’s leading experts in association strategic planning, leadership, governance, and management. He is author of the books The Association Marketing and Communications Planning Guide: Creating a Value Equation for your Benefits and Services and the 4th edition of the Association Strategic Planning and Research Guide. In addition, Dr. Carey is a retired military officer, having taught leadership and management at schools in the military. During his military service, he was awarded the Silver and Bronze Stars among other awards and commendations.

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